Calgary's Largest Privately Owned Solar Installation

NOV 30TH, 2018

We've installed car ports to protect from the inevitable hail storms we get in Calgary, but we had to do something different and that no other Canadian dealer has done... We installed solar panels on top of the car ports!

The solar carport project provides coverage for 112 Audi vehicles while offsetting 267 tons of carbon annually, the equivalent of driving more than 950,000 kilometers by an average passenger vehicle.

Quick Facts:

  • First auto dealership carport in Canada
  • Largest privately-owned solar installation in Calgary (City of Calgary owns 2
     larger systems)
  • 933 solar modules rated at 325 watts each
  • Total power rating 303 kilowatts (933 x 325 w)
  • Producing 306,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year
  • Solar electricity production will provide approximately 60% of annual