We’d love to show a little update of our renovations. While they have slowed recently due to current situation in the world, it’s still nice to see them almost finished.

The delivery bay is finished in high end material, with glass doors and a sitting area to go over all the details and learn about your new car with our Delivery Specialist.

The pre-delivery bays provide a clean room to apply paint protection film (PPE), window tint and other protective products.

Finally, the detail bays are where the magic happens. All of our vehicles, new and used, will be cleaned here for pre-delivery/delivery. (Excuse the mess, they are in the process of moving in here still)

On the upper floor, the new client lounge is coming together. New furniture, beverage station and bathroom. We are still waiting on the new TV! If clients decide to wait for their quick service (tires, oil change etc), you can relax up here away from the hustle and bustle of the dealership.