We have had a great two days with the new, all electric, Audi e-tron! This vehicle is Audi Canada’s, so unfortunately it’s off to other dealers for training. We had a two day course going over all of the features, technology, design, engineering, systems and more. This SUV is packed full of technology.

We were able to take it for a quick drive, and let me tell you: this SUV drives like no other Audi! It’s quiet, smooth, quick, and has a great road feel for its weight. This model has the all the new interior found on the A6/7/8 vehicles with some e-tron specific interior cues.

We expect to see our demo vehicles roll in soon, time line isn’t set in stone so we can’t even guess at the moment. The second we get one in for our clients to drive, we will be posting it right here!