UPDATE: They placed third with a time of 8 minutes 34 seconds! Fantastic result.

Calgary’s World of Wheels show is home to Battle of the Techs! Justin and Ryan, both from Audi Royal Oak, are competing against other teams to see who can rebuild an engine the quickest. Today was their practice runs, and so far have hit 9 minutes and 5 seconds. The are aiming to get under 9 minutes! Catch them this weekend, Feb 22-24 as they complete their timed runs and see if they can move on in the competition!

Watch their practice run video here:


While we were cruising the show floor, we came across this spectacular S5 lowered on air bags! They were in the Compact Tuning Labs booth, a company here in Calgary who regularly tune Audi’s. This particular car is from Audi Royal Oak, very cool to see what our clients do with their cars!