Every year, just before Christmas, we get together for lunch, Secret Santa gift exchange, food bank donations, and announcements! If you’ve been following our blog, the big announcement this lunch was mainly the expansion we are preparing for in mid January.  Stay tuned for our breaking ground celebrations!

Foodbank Donation

Giving back to our community is a huge priority for us, and as such we donated $2,000 to the Calgary Food Bank!

Goodbye Randy

We also say goodbye to Randy, who was with us for just over 3 and a half years. Randy started out as a customer who bought an Audi S5 from us. Erik, our service manager, recalls Randy being retired but had asked for a job here to keep him occupied. “It was supposed to be for a short time” Erik said. 3 and a half years later, we think he is actually retiring this time, and we wish him all the best!


Thank you Murray for treating the entire team at Audi Royal Oak with a delicious lunch!